We offer you modern SIT ON TOP kayaks from Feel Free and rigid SUP boards with paddles from the French company BIC.

Kayaks designed in New Zealand for maximum enjoyable and safe fun on any water. Due to their advantages, apart from their traditional use, sit-on-top kayaks are used all over the world in water rescue and windsurfing schools. The kayaks are very stable both when getting in, out and while swimming. The specially profiled hull allows the kayaker to maintain a straight course without any effort (no skimping effect on the water). At the same time, the kayak is easy to maneuver. The kayaks have 3 places for mounting seats, so they can be comfortably sailed by both 1 and 3 people (3 people should be understood as 2 adults + a child). The kayak is easy to transport, also on the ground. A particularly convenient solution is the transport wheel attached to the stern, so it can be carried by even one person.

top kajak sprzęt

Kayak equipment.

Specification of our equipment

kajak dwuosobowy top kajak specyfikacja

Specification of a 2-person kayak

kajak jednoosobowy

Specification of a 1-person kayak

SUP board specifications

Each kayak and SUP board comes with certified life jackets for adults and youth, and certified life jackets for children. Swell aluminum oars, BIC paddles.

What is worth taking with you "just in case"?

czapka z daszkiem i okulary

hat and sunglasses

krem z filtrem

protective cosmetics before the sun

kurtka przeciwdeszczowa

a waterproof jacket (or a change of clothes)


a waterproof bag for things (an ordinary garbage bag will work)

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