Top-Kajak rental regulations

Regulations of the Top-Kayak rental GDPR information:

Please be advised that at no stage of booking and renting equipment do we collect your personal or company data, on the server, in the cloud or in any other electronic way. Your data is saved only on paper blanks, which are destroyed by burning after returning the equipment. We never share your personal or business data with anyone or use them for purposes other than those listed above. 1. Kayaks can be rented by an adult on the basis of a valid identity document. 2. The borrower is financially liable for the loss or damage of the rented equipment in the amount of: – loss or total destruction of a kayak or SUP board PLN 4,500. – destruction of a kayak or SUP board, depending on the degree of damage, up to PLN 4,500. – damage or loss of a life jacket PLN 150. – damage or loss of an oar PLN 250, paddle PLN 450. 3. The person renting the kayak or any person in the kayak may not be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. 4. The renter undertakes to use life jackets during the trip by all persons in the kayak. The renter also undertakes to use the kayak only and exclusively for its intended purpose. 5. The renter and other persons in the kayak should be able to swim. 6. The TOP-KAJAK rental is not an organizer of canoe trips, therefore it is not responsible for the safety of people using the canoe. Rafting is organized by persons renting a canoe on their own. 7. The rafting must end by 6:00 pm. In individual cases, a different end time can be agreed. 8. TOP-KAJAK Rental undertakes to: – provide a parking space – issue of operational floating equipment with life jackets. – transport of people with equipment to the starting point of the trip. – pick-up of people with equipment after the end of the trip. Top-Kayak Pawel Lasocki